Generator Purchasing Guide

So It’s Time to Buy a Generator Imagine this. You are sitting at home when suddenly a power line is struck by lightning and all of your lights go out! Now, we have all experienced instances where we have been without power. Sometimes, it lasts for a few hours, and sometimes, it lasts much longer. […]

Generator Horror Stories- Rat Attack

Rat Attack Jerry woke up early Friday morning, grabbed his toolbox, and drove out to the Gibson’s house. It seems they lost power and their generator was not working. Prepared to investigate, Jerry removed the cover on the generator, and something immediately caught his eye. He discovered that a rat had chewed through the wiring! […]

Florida Hurricane Supply Tax Holiday 2018

It’s Tax Free! Tropical Storm Alberto arrived a week early in the same fashion as Hurricane Irma. With hurricane season approaching quickly, Florida is providing a Tax Free Holiday for Hurricane supplies. From generators to batteries, the Holiday is expected to save Floridians as much as $4.5 Million. Hurricane season lasts from┬áJune 1 to November […]

PSA- Hurricane Preparation

Preparation and Generators News providers report there is a 60% chance that a tropical depression will form in the Gulf of Mexico. Regardless of formation, Southwest Florida can expect upwards of 2-4 inches of rain. Some counties have already experienced rainfall well above the average for this time of the year. In addition to tropical […]

6 tips when purchasing a home generator

The stormy hurricane season across the southern United States this year left a lot of people with a frustrating reminder of just how problematic it can get to go days, weeks, or even longer without electricity. All of the basic necessities we take for granted on a daily basis were suddenly gone. It was hot […]